Propane Tank Explodes Inside Truck in Summerville

May 18, 2017, 11:33 am EST | Share:

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WTAT-TV) — A scary scene unfolded in Knightsville near Orangeburg Road and Central Avenue Wednesday morning in the Publix shopping center.

Officers say someone put four propane tanks inside of a U Haul overnight. They say one was still connected to a gas grill.

Once the truck began moving, something sparked and an explosion rocked the area, causing cars to move and sent debris flying.

Some nearby through that an earthquake had just happened. “There have been reports that people felt it in the White Gables and Providence Place neighborhoods which are a few blocks away,” said Tiffany Norton, Public Information Officer. “There was debris on the roof of the Waffle House.”

“A lot of people were thinking it was a bomb,” said Lauren Laarabee who works at the nearby Waffle House. “It really was, you know, but there was a veteran in here and he said he had flashbacks. That is how bad it was.”

Dorchester County officials say charges for the driver are not currently likely.