Recycling Flowers for Senior Citizens

February 14, 2017, 10:59 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (LINDSEY MALONEY, WTAT-TV) — Petal by petal, Wendy Theil recycles flowers. “If I didn’t come and get these flowers they would end up in a landfill,” she said.

Taking buckets home with her, she gets creative.

“I start by picking some flowers that I think will go nicely together,” she said.

She’s not a professional, “I’m still learning. I’m still learning a lot,” Theil said. But her passion is as beautiful as a bouquet.

Her non-profit is called One Petal but her story actually started with a therapy dog.

“I had put a flowered collar on her, a huge flowered collar, and they always loved seeing her and they loved seeing the flowered collar. The more and more I brought her there, they would start they would start petting this flowered collar. They eventually wore off one of the petals, which is how the company’s name One Petal came about,” Theil said.

She noticed the people she visited needed a little pick me up. So she started to hand-deliver the flowers.

Theil doesn’t mind that the petals may not be as perky, but they still have plenty of life left in them — just like the people she visits.

Ms. Jessie says if it weren’t for Theil she may not have gotten a valentine.

“You know flowers are just so special. I always had a garden when I was in my home, so flowers have always been part of my life. So ,yes, I love flowers.”

A gift from a stranger makes the day as bright as the arrangement; especially if you ask Ms. Betty.

“I don’t know how to describe it because they mean something and because they come from someone that was really thinking about you. And that makes it all the better,” she said.

Theil has only been doing this since August but has hand delivered nearly 130 arrangements. She hopes to continue to brighten people’s days for many more years to come.