Republican Candidates for Governor Debate in Charleston

May 17, 2018, 11:03 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (WTAT-TV) — Round two of the gubernatorial debate continued Thursday night as Republican candidates faced-off against each other — with the absence of one — incumbent Governor Henry McMaster.

This time Republican candidates Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant, Yancey McGill, Catherine Templeton and John Warran took the stage at the College of Charleston’s Stern Center, promising what they’ll do if they become governor.

Topics discussed ranged from President Donald Trump, the #MeToo Movement, and school students among others.

After the debate, each candidate was asked what other topics they wanted to discuss.

“I think one this that should have been covered was I’m 100% pro-life, that’s too big and important of an issue not to disclose and discuss in a debate, especially with the Republican party,” said candidate John Warren.

Catherine Templeton echoed that statement and added, “What’s interesting, in the Lowcountry, there wasn’t a conversation about some of the really poor conservative values like pro-life, pro-family, that type of thing.” She went on to say she thinks her record stands for itself and didn’t believe she had to say it every night.

“Folks ask me ‘why is it that our Republican-controlled Senate can’t shut down a filibuster?’ Well, we’ve got a Republican majority, but we don’t have a conservative majority,” said Lt. Gov. Bryant.

“I think that a senior citizen, that is on a fixed income, they don’t know if that money is coming next month,” said Yancey McGill. “They make anywhere from $600 to $800 a month, some a little higher, they are on that fixed income where buying medicine, transportation, food — we’ve have got to look at ways to get the taxation off of seniors.”

Meanwhile, Gov. McMaster will hit the campaign trail on Thursday with a stop in Greenville.

You can watch the entire debate here: