SC Utility Companies Halt Construction of Two Upstate Nuclear Reactors

August 1, 2017, 11:32 am EST | Share:

COLUMBIA, SC (ANGELA BROWN, WTAT-TV) — Remember those two nuclear reactors being built north of Columbia with your money? Well, that project is dead, at least for now. So what happens to the billions of dollars already spent? That is the billion dollar question.

South Carolina Electric & Gas and Santee Cooper are the owners of the two nuclear reactors, but of course taxpayers did help pay for them.

William Green says his SCE&G bill is always going up. So much that he can’t keep up and cuts back. “We’re not using the washer and dryer much as we usually do because we want to bring the bill down,” he said.

He keeps paying even as he says his rates keep going up. “I notice a bill is due and I go and try to pay it on time.”

Money from customers like William helped pay for projects like the two reactors, projects that are now on hold.

“What happened,” asked Rep. Wendell Gilliard. “Why did it fall apart?” Gaillard wants answers. He knew the project had delays and there were costs overruns. But Monday’s announcement caught him off guard.

He says the two companies need to be held accountable.

“We need more accountability. We need more transparency,” he said. “Yes, there should be hearings.”

William wants answers as well. He also wants the money back that he paid into the project. “If we are paying onto it and they are not going along with it or not going further with the project then we should probably be refunded.”

We have reached out to both SCE&G and Santee Cooper for comment and are waiting to hear back.