SCE&G Rate Cuts Begin Tuesday for Many Customers

August 7, 2018, 8:51 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (WTAT-TV) — SCE&G customers have been waiting for this day — a 15-percent rate reduction officially begins today (Tuesday, August 7th).

That rate cut will amount to about $25 on the average monthly utility bill.

Lawmakers approved the 15% cut back in June, despite SCE&G’s recent attempts to block it.

This rate reduction is meant to help cover what customers paid into the failed nuclear facility in Fairfield County.

State lawmakers say the move eliminated most of the charge for customers bills.

“Their documents showed that they could have lowered the rates. In the last year, they could have voluntarily walked into the Public Service Commission and filed a petition to reduce rates,” said Sen. Nikki Setzler, (D) Lexington. “They have not done that, so I think this is a benefit for the public who are customers of SCANA.”

Lawmakers say they are also putting safeguards in place to head off a similar situation in the future.

Here’s how it all breaks down for the more than 700,000 SCE&G power customers in the state:

– Up until today, the average residential customers paid about $27 a month in charges tied to that nuclear project.

– The rate cut will drop that down to about $5 a month. It’s a savings of $22 per month.

– That rate reduction is scheduled to last through December.