Snow Prints Lead Berkeley County Deputies to Domestic Disturbance Suspect

January 19, 2018, 4:04 pm EST | Share:

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WTAT-TV) — Berkeley County deputies have an unusual element to thank for assisting in the arrest of a domestic disturbance suspect – snow.

On January 3rd, deputies were called to a domestic dispute at the BP gas station located at 1677 North Main Street in Summerville. When deputies arrived, a male suspect fled on foot through the freshly fallen snow.

Deputies followed the footsteps which lead them to a privacy fence. On the other side, the footsteps went directly to a shed.

After officers were able to get over the fence, they ordered the person out of the shed and attempted to detain him. The suspect fled on foot towards the fence but was apprehended when a deputy, again, caught up to him by following his footsteps in the snow.

The owner of the shed came out of their home and was adamant about pressing charges for the man entering his shed without permission.

The suspect was identified as Floyd Wesley Craven III, 33, of Bristol Street in Moncks Corner.

“In the Lowcountry, we do not often get treated to a nice blanket of snow so it is understandable that not everyone knows that when you walk or run through the snow, it will leave tracks,” the department said on social media. “After his arrest on January 3rd, Floyd Craven knows this now.”

After deputies returned to the BP with Craven, they met with a female who was originally involved in the incident. She told officers that she did not want to press any charges for the assault she suffered.

A check of records for the black Audi A6 involved in the incident revealed it was stolen out of Washington, DC. Caven, the female, and an unidentified third person had been in the Audi in the BP parking lot for more than 24 hours before the incident occurred.

Craven was transported to the Hill Finklea Detention Center. He has been charged with trespassing and evading arrest. He was granted PR bond on January 5th and released.