Welcome to The Southeastern Spine Institute, the largest medical practice in South Carolina specializing in spine only care.

Our medical campus occupies over 41,000 sq. feet on 3 acres of land just off Chuck Dawley Boulevard, in Mount Pleasant, S.C. Here we have state-of-the-art spine MRIs, digital X-ray and most forms of diagnostic equipment to help determine your exact problem. Our medical facility has multiple non-surgical treatment rooms and block suites. We also have an in-house Pharmacy and Physical Therapy Center exclusively to spinal related problems.

If you do need surgery, and less than 10% of our patients do, we have our own in-house surgery center (ASC) where you can have a minimally invasive procedure done in less than an hour and go home the same day. No need to stay overnight in a hospital.

For more information or to book an appointment, visit us at www.southeasternspine.com today.



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