Student Stabbed During After School Fight

January 11, 2018, 11:20 am EST | Share:

** WARNING: Some may find this video disturbing. **

GEORGETOWN, SC (MEGAN RIVERS, WTAT-TV) — After a video of Tameca Sheriff’s son in a fight with another student surfaced, she began to fear for his safety at Georgetown High School. We spoke to Tameca and her son Rashawn, who says his biggest concern is his safety at school.

16-year-old Rashawn Sheriff said back in November that while walking home from school, he got into a fight with a classmate just off campus. “He said ‘I’m from New York,’ and his cousin said ‘yeah, show him where you from.” Rashawn Sheriff said.

He says the other student had a knife and stabbed him in his leg so deeply he had to get stitches. “I think like 10 or 12, I couldn’t play my last two games because I had stitches in my leg.”

His mother Tameca said she was stunned when she heard that her middle child was involved in a fight. “Boys will be boys, they’ll fist fight or whatever the case may be.” Tameca Sheriff said.

Tameca said she got a call from Georgetown deputies that her son was detained for fighting. She said when she got to the station is when she discovered his injuries. “So, I see all the cuts in his shirt and his chest and arm and the scrape on his neck, one of his forehead. From the video, you can clearly see the knife at the beginning of the fight.”

Now she fears for Rashawn’s safety and says the other student may be returning back to the high school. “He’s supposed to be going to the district tomorrow (Thursday) to know if he’s going to return to school or not. But if my child is there and he’s not feeling safe, I’m not going to send my child back to that school.”

We reached out to the sheriff’s department, they referred us to the school district. We spoke with the Director of Safety and Risk Management for Georgetown County Schools and he said he’ll get back with us on Thursday about this incident. We also checked with the school board chairman, but have yet to hear back.