Teen Arrested for Drugging, Robbing Elderly Woman

April 12, 2018, 9:39 am EST | Share:

WEST ASHLEY, SC (BILL BURR, WTAT-TV) — It’s a shocking crime against the elderly and you won’t believe what Charleston Police say was used to take advantage of the victim.

Margaret Sanders, 89, is now recovering from what may have been a very serious fall.

With self-deprecating humor, she talked with us about the incident that happened at her home in the Northbridge Terrace area of West Ashley and wasn’t afraid to show the aftermath of what happened.

“The bruises were all just in the skin area and I’m assuming they are going to eventually heal and I’ll be back to my same ole ugly self,” she said.

Charleston Police say 19-year-old Christian Jellico took advantage of his older neighbor.

Sanders says she was surprised because Jellico and another teen visited her occasionally. Sometimes overstaying their welcome.

“Boys, I said, how about here’s twenty dollars each and you all can go to McDonald’s and buy you something. And that’s how I would get rid of them,” she laughed.

Investigators say Jellico returned to Sanders’ home on Saturday night and brought brownies baked from an unusual recipe.

“He had a big pan. And he said, ‘I made these just now,’” Sanders recalls. “And they looked good. And they tasted delicious. They just were fierce I guess.”

Court documents show Jellico laced the brownies with a chemical called Benzodiazepin. Police say within minutes, the 89-year-old unsuspecting neighbor fell asleep, then Jellico stole a TV and $500 in cash from her purse.

“I don’t blame myself, because, I hate to say this, but I like to do things for people,” she said.

As Margaret Sanders begins to heal she counts her blessings. “I feel so lucky,” she said.

Detectives believe Sanders was passed out for about four hours before waking up. They say when Sanders woke up, she may have been disoriented and fell on the steps of her porch, causing the bruising. A friend arrived to help her and then called the police.

Detectives say Sanders identified Jellico from a group of photos.

Jellico remained in custody at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center Wednesday night.