Two Lowcountry Officers Have Been Shot After Responding to Domestic Situation

April 21, 2017, 9:29 am EST | Share:

HARDEEVILLE, SC (SHELBY ROBERTS, WTGS-TV) — We have now learned the names of two Lowcountry law enforcement officers said to be in critical condition; they are Hardeeville officer Celvin Grant and Jasper County Sheriff’s deputy Justin Smith.

Just before 6 o’clock, the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department and Hardeeville Police Department responded to a reported domestic situation on Sanders Road in Hardeeville.

“We got information from the caller that the male suspect was shooting a gun at his significant other. We’re not sure if it was the wife or the girlfriend,” said Sheriff Chris Malphrus with Jasper County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement said when officers arrived to the scene, the man came out of the house shooting and injuring officer Grant and Smith.

Officers then returned fire, killing the suspect. The two injured officers were then flown to Memorial Hospital in Savannah where they are listed in critical condition.

“My understand is that one was hit in the arm and underneath the armpit/chest area and the other was hit in the shoulder, hand and possibly the arm as well,” said Sheriff Malphrus.

State police have been called to investigate which is standard procedure in cases like this.