UFO’s: Are They Real?

July 3, 2018, 10:39 am EST | Share:

Have you seen something strange in the sky lately? If so you are not alone.

Many people have been spending their nights searching for UFOs.

We all have a picture of what we think a UFO might look like in our head — typically an alien or spaceship.

But not all UFO’s are extraterrestrial. It’s exactly what the term stands for – an Unidentified Flying Object.

Still, scientists say they are keeping hope alive.

“Statistically, there is life elsewhere in the universe. Has it visited us? No, I don’t think it has,” said Dr. Louis Rubbo, an astronomy professor at Coastal Carolina University. “We can easily find the evidence either through our daily observations or, as it turns out, through archeology, we can find historical evidence as well.”

Experts say Venus is often mistaken for a UFO during the summer because it’s so bright and close to the horizon, especially after sunset.