Weekend Winedown – What’s Happening This Week in the Lowcountry

November 2, 2018, 7:03 am EST | Share:

As you know, Deep Water Vineyards has been sponsoring Weekend Wine Down for nearly a year, hosting the official Weekend Wine Down events every Saturday on Wadmalaw and this Saturday they celebrate their Boots, Bottles and a Blessing Festival. There’s a lot going on here including food from all your favorite local food trucks, music from Carly Moffa and local favorites Trickknee, loads of adult beverage choices including their famous muscadine wines, all

at a very affordable price PLUS you can witness the blessing of the vines! Get your tickets here.

To truly wind down your weekend, maybe grab your beatnik buddies for an evening with Robert Allen Zimmerman – you may know him better known as Bob Dylan! The legendary singer-songwriter will make a stop in our neck of the woods at the North Charleston PAC on Sunday at 8. Tickets are surprisingly still available and are surprisingly affordable to see one of the greats just around the corner from our palatial FOX 24 studios.

I’m Adam Bradley and that will do it for this week’s Weekend Wine Down!