Why Are My Floors Sagging?

April 16, 2018, 6:30 am EST | Share:

Why Are My Floors Sagging?
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The Problem

Sagging Floors are not only an unsightly nuisance, but they are a sign of underlying issues with your foundation that you may not know you have! Many homeowners are unaware that sagging floors are caused by moisture and humidity in the crawl space that weakens the girders and floor joists. The floor above the crawl space becomes bouncy and soft, resulting in saggy and uneven floors.

The Signs

Once your floor joists begin to weaken and sink, the problem will only become worse. Bathroom tiles will crack, gaps may form between floors and interior walls, and evidence of moisture and wood rot can show. This means that the foundation can no longer support the weight of your home.

Solutions That DONT Work

Sagging floors will not fix themselves over time. Replacing the floors is only a waste of time and money! A trained and certified foundation repair inspector can provide the proven solutions for properly lifting your home back into its original position.

A common repair method that homeowners use to lift their floors is using concrete columns. This solution doesn’t work because it is only a temporary fix. The concrete columns slowly settle into the soil over time and additional shims will need to be added. It is a never-ending process!

Solution That DOES Work

SmartJacks are steel support systems used to stabilize and level the girders and floor joists in a crawl space. This system has been laboratory tested to support loads of more than 60,000 pounds!

So why might a homeowner choose this solution? SmartJacks provide the best opportunity to lift floors and walls back to their original position so that the problem is solved once and for all!

SmartJacks are the best solution to address problem soils, and can also be installed with a zinc-plated steel girder to ensure the system will never be susceptible to microbial growth, moisture, and wood rot.

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