With Huff and Puff, Former Piggly Wiggly is Demolished in West Ashley

May 30, 2018, 11:52 am EST | Share:

WEST ASHLEY, SC (ERICA LUNSFORD, WTAT-TV) — This little piggy was a market and on Tuesday it came crumbling down. The old Piggly Wiggly building on Sumar Street in West Ashley was demolished.

“This was a symbol of the need for revitalization in West Ashley,” said Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg before taking the first blow to the building.

Then construction workers went whole-hog ripping down the former grocery store building.

It will take about three days to complete demolition of the building.

“You just start at the front and work your way to the back,” said Kerry Nazario, who was hired to work on the old building. “We clean out all the stuff on the inside, put up barricades and delineators.”

Then it will take about a week for the site to be cleared.

We asked people what the soon-to-be vacant lot should become. Funny, though, no one said a BBQ joint!

“I would love to see it be more of a gathering spot,” said Leigh Smalley who lives in West Ashley. “Especially someplace that my children and members of the community want to be on a regular basis.”

“I think a green space or place to walk your dog, a park would be nice,” said Matthew Savage.

“Maybe a sporting goods place or something around there like that,” said Eric Fry. “That’d be nice around here.”

Bayne Ritter said, “I definitely think that this part of West Ashley is kind of a gateway … so it would be really nice for them to use the space to be kind of a nice entryway into West Ashley whether it be green space or for a farmers market or something along those lines.”

We know you all have your opinions — to share your ideas you can email the City of Charleston at revitalization@charleston-sc.gov.