5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party

October 5, 2018, 11:28 am EST | Share:

5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party
Brought to you by: Charleston Fun Park

It seems that year after year kid’s birthday parties become more and more extravagant. As parents we become stressed and frazzled as we try to have bigger and better – outdoing ourselves year after year. We have some come up with a list if tips to help ease the painful planning process and help you host a COOL party for your rock stars!

1) Don’t go OVER the top! It can be so easy to let things get out of control and let the party start planning you. Your dreams of grandeur can take you over the top and send you over the edge. You should begin by setting realistic expectations for your little person’s big day. Start by making a few key decisions…. What is your budget, how creative do you want to be, how much time do you have and how involved do you want to be? Often the cost of throwing an at home party will surpass the cost, time, stress and sanity of having a venue host the party for you.

2) Don’t procrastinate. There are more details that go into the perfect party planning than cake and balloons. You should start planning the party about eight weeks out especially if you are planning a not at home event. Getting invitations, cake, favors, RSVP’s, etc. all take time and the more time you give yourself the less stress you will incur. That said if you decided in step 1 to have someone else do the heavy lifting they make take a lot if this off of your place. Reminder here, don’t let your little angel get wind of many of the plans as they have fickle little minds and will change them quite frequently from Dora to Batman as fast as Flash gets his costume on!

3) Speaking of invitations. Don’t wait to send these. Sending the invitations out at least 4 weeks in advance will allow for all of little Mila or Luke’s friends to be able to attend her big birthday bash. Make sure to ask for RSVP’s or regrets so that you can plan food, cake, favors accordingly. If sending out invitations sounds daunting there are good online sites like Evite or Paperless Post, but you can find really cute ones locally as well.

4) Do you really want gifts? This is a relatively new concept, but it is not a requirement of birthday bashes for your guests to bring a gift for the guest of honor. There are a bunch of new concepts that will help not overwhelm you, your child or your house with a bunch of toys that are not approved or not needed. You can request in the invitation that each kid bring a book with an inscription that will be a reminder of this birthday. You can ask your friends to make a donation of their toy to the local orphanage, children’s shelter or children’s hospital. Not only will your kid not be inundated with a ton of toys he or she doesn’t need you will be teaching a valuable lesson about giving back to other children. If you decide a donation is the way you want to go let your kid have some input into which one. Teaching charity early builds it as a habit.

5) Have fun! Keep in mind that this is a PARTY. Remember to let loose, relax and enjoy the moments of your little ne growing up as they will be fleeting. There is nothing more you can control once the day has arrived so let the good times roll, get out your camera and cherish each and every giggle, spill and hug that comes your way!

Whatever you decide for your little one’s big birthday Charleston Fun Park is here to help. We offer different packages to meet your needs and new attractions to guarantee a day filled with tons of fun. From our climbing wall to the indoor arcade we have something for everyone. Let us take the stress out of your next event.