A New Storage Facility Could Replace a Mount Pleasant Mainstay

September 19, 2018, 10:39 am EST | Share:

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (CAROLINE BALCHUNAS, WTAT-TV) — A strip of local businesses in Mount Pleasant could soon be replaced by a storage facility.

From one end to the other, Coleman Boulevard is home to some truly unique shops, restaurant and views. But a storage facility? The proposed idea has some in an uproar.

“Our citizens, like me, we are really disappointed that someone is planning to put a storage facility on Coleman Boulevard,” said Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie.

He says there is no place for the proposed development — but the town has no say. Peach Orchard Plaza sits on a pocket of property under Charleston County control.

“I’ll just say, we’ll pull out all the stops to do what we can because this is the main street of Mount Pleasant and this is not consistent with what Mount Pleasant looks like.”

The development spells bad news for shops like Shem Creek Music Center.

“This store has been here for decades and to see it go away for a storage facility makes zero sense to me,” said Musician Eddie Bush. “No one is happy about it. I mean, it’s a common theme, no one is saying, ‘Oh great idea’ everybody is at the very least, disappointed.”

Bush has worked at the shop for nearly 20 years teaching guitar lessons. With 70 guitar students on his schedule, Bush stays busy.

Among the instruments and vinyl records, the shop also houses decades of memories.

“Lots of famous people (have come here),” Bush said. “This is actually a normal stop for a lot of the guys that are in town. Darryl Hall has been here, Bill Murray has been here, Billy Gibbons has been here.”

He said it’s a staple worth saving along with the other local shops right next door.

“If you care about local business, at the very least and at the most, if you’re musically influenced and care about the impact that music has on our society, this is a reason to fight for this,” he said.

Mayor Haynie said the development will not be going to county council because the zoning for it is already in place.

There is no construction date set at this time.