Chris Nestman

August 18, 2021, 12:50 pm EST | Share:

Meteorologist Chris Nestman joined the FOX 24 Morning News team in August 2021.

Chris started his career in Idaho where he covered a lot of wildfires and snowstorms with the occasional bout of severe weather.

In 2018, Chris joined KTUL in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he covered tornadoes and severe thunderstorms throughout northeast Oklahoma.

Chris studied at Brigham Young University and received a bachelor’s in broadcast journalism. Then he studied at Mississippi State University for a seal in Meteorology. He’s happily married to a lovely gal who said yes forever on June 15, 2017. She is a talented singer and a middle school teacher.

Chris comes from a large family of seven kids that moved a lot. Besides Idaho, South Carolina, and Oklahoma, he has lived in Utah, California, Alaska, Tennessee, and the Czech Republic. Moving around a lot hasn’t always been easy, but Chris says it makes you appreciate the good in where you live. Plus, it was always fun to discover the localized nuances that make weather unique everywhere you go.

Chris is a big watersport guy enjoying skiing, water polo, and pretty much any snow sport. He and his wife are big foodies. They love trying new restaurants and are always looking for new places to visit.