Building Homes for Charleston’s Habitat for Humanity

November 2, 2016, 12:02 pm EST | Share:

If you are looking to lend a helping hand in the Lowcountry, look no further than Habitat for Humanity.

Matt O’Neill joined the FOX 24 Morning News to talk about all of the great reasons why supporting Habitat for Humanity of Charleston is so important.

MATT O’NEILL: Typically in my company sells homes and real estate for a living, but in this situation we are going to be building a house. This is our 3rd year in a row supporting Habitat for Humanity and last year we had 60 volunteers come out. We took a house from just foundation studs and built the entire flooring system by the time we left. It was really awesome but the Habitat for Humanity organization here in Charleston is just really great.

JON BRUCE: They do a lot of great builds, and we usually cover them on the news here. But tell me, if people want to get involved, are there different jobs that people can do?

MATT O’NEILL: Yeah, picking up a hammer is fun! That is the best part that you can do! But if you want to get involved, you can donate furniture to the restores and the proceeds from that go to building the new homes. Or you can make a monetary donation to Habitat, or donate your time and help them build a house.

JON BRUCE: Why is Habitat for Humanity so important here in the Charleston area?

MATT O’NEILL: Habitat for Humanity is an awesome organization. They have been in the Charleston area since 1989 and since then they have helped 600 members of the Charleston community receive housing. They have built 82 houses from scratch for people who couldn’t afford a nice place to live. What they say is it’s not a hand out, it is a hand up.

We got to meet one of the families that moved into a home we built, a single mother of four, but she had to log about 80 hours of building houses. It is an amazing organization and I recommend anyone to donate and help out.

JON BRUCE: How can people get involved in this house build?

MATT O’NEILL: We already have our 60 volunteers for this house build on Friday, but we are going to do it again next year. You can reach out to our website, go to our blog, and there you can donate money to Habitat or go to a restore.

Instead of throwing out that dresser if it is gently used you can donate it.