Dixie Furniture Company to Host Re-Opening in North Charleston

December 4, 2018, 7:20 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (WTAT)- One of Charleston’s beloved family owned stores, Dixie Furniture Co. has grown in numerous ways over its 72-year history in the Lowcountry.

On Thursday, December 6th,they will be opening the doors to its newly remodeled showroom on Rivers Avenue in North Charleston.

About Dixie Furniture Company

Nearly 100 years ago Abe Kirshtein came to Charleston, SC in search of religious freedom. He came here penniless and with all of his worldly possessions in a small suitcase.

He started out peddling soft goods with a pack on his back. Eventually he worked his way up to a push cart, then a horse and buggy and finally a Model T auto. In 1946 he opened the doors to the very first Dixie Furniture Co in a small building on upper King Street with his wife, Edith.

They worked long and hard and expanded the business on King St. In 1957 tragedy struck with an electrical fire destroying the store. With little to no insurance the family was done. The very next day Hugh Lane, Sr., President of the Citizens & Southern bank called Mr. Abe, affectionately known as Papa. “Mr. Lane, don’t worry, I intend to start peddling again and we will pay the bank back whatever we owe.” Lane replied, “Mr. Abe, that’s not why I’m calling. I just want you to know we are here for you. Whatever you need to get back on your feet we will help you with!” Hugh Lane Sr. and Dawson engineering sealed the deal with Mr. Abe on a handshake and Dixie Furniture on King St was rebuilt bigger and better than before.

Dixie Furniture went through total remodel of the King St store in 1972 and an eventual sale of that building in 2016. Along the way, expansions in to the rent-to-own business and stores in Beaufort and Walterboro marked the entrance of a third generation in to this now iconic happy family store.

The company remains as a big Mom and Pop serving the Lowcountry, but are capable of going toe to toe with the big box stores. Featuring the best names in bedding like Serta, Southerland, Englander and Southern Lady.

They offer The Dixie Express 8-piece room packages from $999 and an extensive motion gallery featuring Catnapper and Ashley. Plus a store full of so much more!

All month long Dixie will be having daily give-a ways. Offering terms ranging from 90 days same as cash to 60 months no interest and their signature EZ In-House credit option where “Everybody Gets Credit.”

The iconic “Dixie’ll Do It, Cause Dixie Don’t Care” tag line is still one of the most recognizable tag lines in Lowcountry. When asked to explain it, the owners replied, “We do care, obviously, or we wouldn’t still be around; it’s just that we don’t care what we have to do to prove it, day in and day out!”

Opening Details
– Thursday, December 6th,
– 5550 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston
– 10:00 A.M.