FOOD FRIDAY: Jack’s Cosmic Dogs

September 7, 2018, 11:54 am EST | Share:

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (FOX 24) — Summer days may be coming to an end, but if you want a hot dog that is out of this world, you need to experience Jack’s Cosmic Dogs.

The iconic shop is located right off Highway 17 in Mount Pleasant.

Jack’s Cosmic Dogs opened 18 years ago and has been voted the BEST hot dogs in the Lowcountry ever since.

“I started it because we raised our boys on the Isle of Palms. They are great surfers, but they had a lot of time on their hands. So, my wife and I decided to create this concept, made it easy for high school kids and we put them to work,” explained owner Jack Hurley.

He said it was a fabulous way for the boys and their friends to learn work ethic while also being fun because they got to start such a cool restaurant.

When you drive past or walk inside Jack’s it feels like you have been transported to another time.

“I tried to create a place like I went to as a kid,” said Hurley. “I’m from northwest New Jersey and there is a place called Hot Dog Johnny’s, it has been there since 1946, there was a theme that I was always intrigued by.”

But what makes Jack’s hot dogs so delicious? Watch as our Leyla Gulen dives into the menu of this local favorite.

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