Geico Local Office Weekend Drive: Local Events This Week

May 10, 2019, 9:40 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (ADAM BRADLEY) – You may have noticed the humidity coming back into town like that high school friend you’re not really looking forward to seeing. On the bright side, that means Party at the Point kicks off!

Opening night was actually last Friday but tomorrow at 5:30 PM get ready for Planet Janet and the Majestics. This new-kid-on-the-block Planet Janet seems oddly familiar. I think this may be proof of a glitch on The Matrix but I have a feeling that “Planet Janet Rocks!”

Opa! Break out the baklava and grab your gyro, it’s time for the 49th annual Greek Festival! This will be going on all weekend at the circular Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity downtown. This is always a highlight of the year; lots of Greek food, family-friendly fun, traditional music and dance and loads of vendors. Very easy to get in and out too with shuttles running all day from Hagood Street.

We’ll see you down the road on the next Geico Weekend Drive!