Food Friday: Herd Provisions

July 19, 2019, 3:40 pm EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC- (WTAT-TV)- New to the Charleston culinary scene is Alec Bradford’s Herd Provisions butchery and restaurant. Located at 106 Grove Street, this is more than just a farm-to-table concept.

Bradford grew up in Tennessee, where he learned humane methods of raising White Park cattle, hogs and poultry, just to name a few. He takes his talent to the kitchen and gives us insight to his own strategy of raising livestock compared to the other methods. Bradford explains, “There is a lot that goes into the process.” When consuming these grass-fed animals, the food they are raised on is reflected in the flavors we taste on our palates.

Most of executive chef Aaron Swersky’s experience is with fish, yet that hasn’t stopped him from succeeding in other types of protein. The switch helped him expand his skill set. Swersky takes us through the steps of whipping up a porchetta, right down to the presentation.

Herd Provisions is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday and offers happy hour specials as well. The menu changes daily so you can rest assured, each stop in will never be the same!

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