Helping to Find Hope in Adversity

August 5, 2019, 5:09 pm EST | Share:


Neglect, abuse, unsanitary living situations–these are just a few examples of the adversity kids can face from a very young age. Windwood Farm Home for Children is a residential campus that provides interventions, therapies, education and workshops to help boys experiencing that kind of adversity. Their ultimate goal is to guide the young boys to look past the trauma and to work towards a rewarding life despite the hardship they experienced growing up.

“…success lies at the feet of those who embrace the tools offered to them to move forward”.

The non-profit group Partner for a Better Community teamed up with the George Sink Law firm of North Charleston over the past weekend to offer the boys of Windwood Farm Home a chance to hear from community members. The group had lunch, talked with George Sink, Pastor Lance Johnson, and North Charleston Police Chief Reggie Burgess, and also received a generous donation of backpacks and tablets.

The two organizations worked together to manifest hope into the lives of these children and to teach them about being successful despite struggles.

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