How You Can Help Reduce Plastic Waste in Our Community

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How You Can Help Reduce Plastic Waste in Our Community
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When plastic isn’t properly disposed of it can harm wildlife and trash our communities. Single-use plastics, like plastic water bottles and plastic bags, make up 40% of plastic waste in the environment. Much of this waste ultimately ends up in our oceans. Scientists predict by the year 2050 our oceans will contain more plastic (by weight) than fish!

Here are easy ways YOU can help reduce plastic waste in our community.

• Got plastic? Toss it in the trash, or better yet, recycle if you can. Keep a lid on trash cans to prevent from blowing away. On the road? Make sure loose trash is contained when rolling down windows or if storing in the truck bed.

• Don’t forget your reusable shopping bags when heading to the store. Place your bags by the door or clip them to your keys so you don’t forget. Or, place your reusable shopping bags back in your car when you are done unloading the groceries.

• Cigarette butts are the most littered item on earth. The filters found in cigarette butts are made of plastic and other materials that can harm the environment as they degrade. Keep cigarette butts out of our streets, local waterways and beaches by always disposing of them in the trash. No can? Carry a pocket ashtray with you and dispose of later.

• Summertime is hot. When out, bring your reusable water bottle and skip buying bottled water – you’ll also save yourself a little cash, too!

• Give back to your community and participate in a litter cleanup in your neighborhood or at the beach. Your do-good activity may help you meet a new friend or save a sea turtle, while making our community more beautiful and litter free.

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