Hundreds of Jellyfish Stings Reported on Isle of Palms

August 13, 2018, 9:55 am EST | Share:

ISLE OF PALMS, SC (WTAT-TV) – A trip to the beach turned out to be a bit of a sting. Close to 300 people were stung by jellyfish on the Isle of Palms over the weekend.

County Park officials say the uptick in jellyfish was likely due to the warm, calm water. They believe heavy beach traffic also lead that number to skyrocket.

“There were just a lot of people out here, and the water was calm, and so that’s why we had a lot of stings,” said Laura Edwards, assistant manager of Isle of Palms County Park.

Despite the stings, many came back out to the Isle of Palms on Sunday. Only this time most beachgoers stayed on land following Saturday’s sting-fest.

“I got stung in the leg and my son was stung in the arm,” said victim Todd Cattaneo. “It hurt for about thirty minutes and then it was okay after that. But it was kind of a shock when it first happened.”

“I’ll probably go out about halfway up my leg, but not all the way out, because of the jellyfish,” said Raven Flynn who was visiting the beach.

But with temperatures so high right now, it is hard to resist cooling off in the ocean. If you do get stung, Edwards offered some advice.

“One thing that doesn’t help the pain is fresh water,” explained Edwards. “When people get stung they like to shower off. That really doesn’t help.”

Edwards said it is best to rub sand on the sting instead. She also suggested using salt water to wash off any remaining tentacles. “Ice it after that if you still have any pain. You should feel relief within 30 minutes to an hour.”

If you are stung, the rash may still be visible for a couple of days.