Juul Claims Going up in Smoke

July 26, 2019, 1:53 pm EST | Share:


Electronic cigarettes have been flooding the market and making their way into the hands of adolescents. Juuling, also known as vaping, is becoming more popular with middle and high schoolers. Educators are increasing their efforts to keep these devices off premises. Studies reveal vaping can contain the same amount of nicotine, if not more, as a cigarette. Smoking affects brain development in young teens.

Juul is facing scrutiny after a company representative told students the products were, “Totally safe.” These students spoke out explaining how the agency was communicating messages during the presentation. This claim alarmed lawmakers on Capitol Hill, prompting them to launch an investigation into the company’s marketing strategies and how they pitch the product to audiences. A red flag went up when the company began to manufacture flavors that appeal to kids.