2019 Back to School Bash

August 1, 2019, 4:15 pm EST | Share:


Helping young children understand the importance of having a voice in the world is a hard lesson to teach. It becomes more of a challenge when a child struggles with a speech impediment. These children tend to shy away from communicating with others in fear they will stand out or be teased.

Sherrikka Myers, founder of Every 1 Voice Matters, is all-too familiar with this situation: she grew up with a stutter. This motivated Sherrikka to write a novel, Herbie’s First New Home, encouraging children to read as a way to help them overcome these barriers.

Myers is excited to announce Every 1 Voice Matters’ 2nd-annual Back to School Bash on August 10 at Park Circle from 11pm-4pm. The organization hopes to raise awareness and bring comfort to these young scholars as they approach the upcoming school year.

Attendees can look forward to guest speakers, book signings, exciting giveaways, and endless words of encouragement. “I want those kids to know those who go through any type of issue; their voice still matters. We want to send them [back to school] with knowledge they can use on their way.”