Anxiety: Fear of the Unknown

August 7, 2019, 3:29 pm EST | Share:

The bell rings and it is officially the first day of school. Children step through those double doors into an entirely new environment and an array of emotions begin to occur. Kids start having to deal with separation from parents, potential bullies, new classrooms, fear of the unknown—the list goes on. Without a doubt, this is a huge stressor for children and it is almost inevitable that problems will arise. Jeffrey Cluver, the new Medical Director of Trident Medical Center, dives straight into these possible troubles and reassures parents that everything will be okay. Communication has always been at the root of any type of resolution but Cluver offers additional advice about how parents can ease the tension: having students form bonds with other children in the neighborhood, or taking a trip to the school during the summer to familiarize children with their new surroundings are just a few examples. Tune in to hear more suggestions on how to calm the back-to-school jitters.