Cat Got Your Tongue?

August 8, 2019, 11:26 am EST | Share:

There is no doubt that public speaking can be a little intimidating. And let’s get real, picturing everyone in their underwear doesn’t always do the trick. So how can you overcome the fear of giving a speech in a room full of strangers? Practical Dramatics Communication Cultivation has just the solution. They will be offering a Public Speaking Bootcamp for women on August 8. This interactive workshop will be hosted by Practical Dramatics Founder & TEDx Speaker, LB Adams. Through the use of humor and theatre techniques, Adams will guide you through key speaking skills including:
Movement & Body language
Planning & Preparation
Anxiety Control
Confidence Boosting
Understanding Your Audience

Tune in to hear how to register for this constructive opportunity. For more information on how to register, visit: