Cybersecurity expert weighs in on how to protect your kids

April 23, 2019, 2:09 pm EST | Share:

In the last twenty years we’ve learned a lot about the internet and how predators can access your home and your family. Living in Social Media and Cyberspace today is as common as watching TV — but with inherently greater dangers.

As a parent — how do you protect your kids from the World Wide Web?

Lisa Good is a Cybersecurity expert and author of ‘Are Your Kids Naked Online? How to protect your tech-savvy kids from online self-destruction’

Good offers some tips:
• The internet should be used as a tool, not as a replacement for a social life
• Know where your devices are at all times
• Beware of what you’re clicking on
• Keep your social media in check
• When it comes to passwords, your kids should always share them with you
• Stay on a secure network, you can track what your kids are doing

You can purchase Lisa Good’s book by clicking HERE