Snacks that are Effortless and Healthy?

July 11, 2019, 9:00 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (WTAT-TV) FOX 24 NEWS NOW- Dyan Kohrmann, Manager, Profile Sanford Mount Pleasant shares creative tips on how to make healthier food choices for a busy lifestyle.

With school out, it’s time for kids, moms and dads to adjust to a new routine. Dyan also shares a few small tips that can make a big impact such as;

• Make healthy choices easier by having nutritious options available for snacks. For example, fruit, veggies, nuts and other nutritious options should become a staple item on your grocery list. Prep in advance or try buying pre-washed and pre-cut. It might add some cost but it saves time and they’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

• Plan ahead. We’ve all gone to the refrigerator or pantry just looking for something to eat. Pre-determining meals and snacks can help prevent unhealthy choices that result from boredom or cravings.

• Make your own snacks as a fun family activity. It’s great to get kids involved in the kitchen and it can be a blast. You can create your own trail mix or protein balls, or even simple options like an apple with peanut butter.

• Include the kids in meal planning. This way, you know they’ll like what’s being served and they can pick up some cooking skills along the way. When kids are more involved in this process, they may be more willing to try new foods and might find out they enjoy the “fruits” of their labor.

• Set an example of being active and invite the whole family. Go for a walk in the evening, try a weekend bike ride or find a place to go hiking. These activities are not only beneficial for your health, but they create an opportunity for quality time with loved ones.

• Sign up for a family walk or a 5k as a group challenge through which you can support one another’s success.You’ll likely be helping a great organization and you’ll have a lot of fun preparing for the event.

• Check our your local community options. While there are many sports leagues, most communities have some free events to get kids active.

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