Man contracts rare blood infection from dog lick

October 3, 2018, 10:24 am EST | Share:

MILWAUKEE, WI (LAUREN BLANCHARD- FOX NEWS) – Greg Manteufel of Wisconsin contracted a rare blood infection over the summer from a playful dog lick.

The bacterial infection caused the circulation in Manteufel’s limbs to shut down completely. The lack of circulation led to ten surgeries and the amputation of his hands, feet, parts of his arms and legs, along with part of his nose and upper lip.

On Tuesday, October 2nd, Greg participated in a press conference showing gratitude to the doctors who kept him alive. Once his wounds heal, he will be eligible for prosthetics to help him get back to a normal life.

Despite his tragedy, Greg is thankful to be alive and still loves dogs.

Doctors want to insure the public that it is extremely rare to contract this blood infection from dog or cat saliva.