SCE&G Urging Customers: Be Patient and Prepared

September 12, 2018, 9:44 am EST | Share:

CHARLESTON, SC (WTAT-TV) — It is highly likely part of the Lowcountry will lose power this week as Hurricane Florence moves across the area.

SCE&G is asking for customers to be proactive about it.

About 2,800 employees will be working around the clock to restore power, but getting those lights turned back on may take some time.

“Regardless of this storm’s exact path, we anticipate Florence will bring dangerous winds and the potential for heavy rain and flooding across our service territory, which could result in significant power outages for our customers,” said SCE&G Vice President of Operations Bill Turner.

That is why they want homeowners to remain patient throughout the storm.

“It’s not just about is being prepared, we also want our customers to be prepared,” said SCE&G spokesperson, Aimee Murray. “Making sure they have the supplies they need for their families whether it’s water, can goods, batteries, flashlights, weather radios – anything like that.”

Leaders say it is best to register your number and sign up for text alerts. Important numbers and alerts can be sent to your phone in seconds.

Those who pre-register can report power outages by text. Simply login to your account and look for “Activate Text Options” under the “Account Options” feature and then follow the instructions. Once you are registered, if you are experiencing an outage, text the word “OUT” to 467234 (gosceg).

Customers can also report outages from their mobile device or phone by visiting and clicking on “Outages & Emergencies” or by calling 888-333-4465.

Storms can cause tree limbs and entire trees to break and fall, sometimes taking power lines and even meter boxes down with them. Always assume any downed power line you see is live and stay away.

Leaders say it is not necessary to turn off your natural gas service at the meter during a hurricane. Natural gas is distributed through underground lines that should operate uninterrupted throughout the storm.

However, if you believe flooding could cause the pilot light of a natural gas appliance to be extinguished, you can turn off the appliance’s supply valve. If you do turn off the appliance’s supply valve, or if your appliance becomes flooded, do not try to relight the pilot light yourself; instead, contact a qualified contractor to inspect the appliance before using it.