There is more in store than you thought at Badd Kitty

October 11, 2018, 2:53 pm EST | Share:

SUMMERVILLE, SC (FOX 24) — On this episode of FOXlight with Potter, we travel to Badd Kitty, the purrrfect store for couples! You know you’ve always wanted to go! Potter takes you inside!

Badd Kitty, is the bachelorette party favor headquarters! They have everything you need for the purrrfect party; cards, games, gag gifts, decorations and more! Let Badd Kitty help you celebrate the bride to be and show everyone a great time! Badd Kitty, has been promoting healthy sexual wellness since 2006. Three locations to serve you: Savannah Highway, Folly Road, Old Trolley Road and on line at Badd Kitty.