We are in this together.
A Summerville light display hopes to bring joy and inspiration to the community.
Sullivan’s Island announces beach closure.
Fitness influencers offer nutrition plans and live workouts.
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Local Voices What You Need to Know About Tax Season 2020

This week our tax expert has some advice for retired individuals.

Local More Than 1,000 Local Restaurant Employees Laid off

Workers within the food and beverage industry face unemployment indefinitely.

Local Companies Adjust Policies in the Course of COVID-19

Stores are changing protocols to allow senior citizens to shop separately.

Local The Citadel Prepares it’s Switch to Online Classes

The Citadel attempts to limit the number of people on campus by switching to an online curriculum.

Local Voices Stage Five Kidney Cancer Patient Finds Donor Through Social Media

A generous donor came forward and donated one of her healthy kidneys to Jason Flores.

Local Travel Companies Continue to Feel the Impact From Coronavirus

Airline and cruise companies continue to face significant setbacks due to the outbreak.

Local Business FOXlight Discover a Consistent Stretching Program With Stretch Zone

On this edition of FOXLight with on-air personality, Matthew Potter, we take you into the world of practitioner assisted stretching, a practice that is similar to personal training, but focuses on stretching.