Elliot Summey named new CEO of Charleston County Aviation.
It's week three of our workout routine and there is no stopping us now!
A local organization helps families preserve property passed down through generations.
Author Sallie Holder brings a sense of hope to those wanting to live their best life.
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Local Delays added an extra $40 million to the Berlin G. Myers Parkway project

A project that has been in the making for decades is now a step closer to completion.

Local Voices Money Monday: Financial Resources Seminar

The Financial Resource Seminar is being held this weekend for residences of the Lowcountry.

Local The Gaillard hosts breakfast event to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Gaillard hosts the annual MLK business and professional breakfast event.

Local Voices America’s first museum helps our young home schooled scholars succeed

The Charleston Museum offers a program for home school students to get a hands-on learning experience.

Lifestyle Get up and keep moving!

The Works a Sweat Studio by Sara Frick helps to keep up with those New Year's Resolutions.

Local Voices Georgetown woman turns tragedy into opportunity to shine

Denise Washington found the strength to overcome major traumatic life events by putting her talent to work.

Local Business FOXlight Discover a Consistent Stretching Program With Stretch Zone

On this edition of FOXLight with on-air personality, Matthew Potter, we take you into the world of practitioner assisted stretching, a practice that is similar to personal training, but focuses on stretching.