What are you putting in your mouth? Hold the phones --crossfit charleston is here to help you make better choices as we inch closer to bathing suit season.
Mending the simplest tear, hemming a skirt or pair of slacks. Do you know how? We sit down with a mistress of the needle and thread.
An Orangeburg couple was arrested last week for not seeking medical help after their 16-month-old son was severely burned by an iron.
The town of Summerville will reveal the renovations of Hutchinson Square with a fun event for the whole family.
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Top Stories
Entertainment Police: ‘Empire’ Actor Staged Attack to ‘Promote His Career’

Empire” actor Jussie Smollett staged a racist, anti-gay attack on himself because he was unhappy about his salary and wanted to promote his career, Chicago’s police superintendent said Thursday.

Local Ketamine Based Nasal Spray Could Help Depression

Katamine based nasal spray could be a new treatment option for severe depression when all other drug treatments have failed.

Local Voices New Children’s Publishing Co. Inspires Love for Books with Beautiful Collection

Fostering the imagination and the spirit of humanity all starts at a tender age. We're joined by the co-founder of a children's book line made to last for generations.

Lifestyle TED X Charleston To Hold Event That Brings Together Innovative Minds Helping To Shape a Better World

A convergence of conversation and creativity. TED x Charleston brings together some of the most innovative minds helping to shape a better world.

Local Darius Rucker to Receive Humanitarian Award

Local artist, Darius Rucker, whose music is loved by fans across the country is being recognized for his work with children.

Local Lawsuit of Former Church Volunteer Points To Serious Red Flags

A new lawsuit against former children’s classroom volunteer at NewSpring Church in North Charleston is raising major red flags.

Local Business FOXlight There is more in store than you thought at Badd Kitty

Potter takes you on a tour of the Lowcountry's exciting couples boutique!