It’s a big day for our friend Joe Gallagher and the band Atlas Star! Today they release a new album, and we are so grateful they made time to come by the studio to tell us all about it. [learn more]


TIM FALVEY Born in San Antonio, Texas, Tim Falvey of Uncle Tim’s Bench made his way to Charleston to take on the music world. WATCH

CODY NEWMAN We welcome this 14-year-old with the powerhouse voice to our stage. WATCH

FLEMING MOORE Charleston Native Fleming Moore is back in the studio for Spotlight Music Series. WATCH

NOISY BOYS For the past three years Noisy Boys have been writing and recording their own music; mixing up just the right tunes of rock and hip-hop for a funkadelic feel. WATCH

WHITNEY HANNA Whitney Hanna is joined by Will Evans and Caryn Egan as she takes the stage and showcases an original song. First, Leyla dives deep into Whitney Hanna’s songwriting process and inspiration behind her music. WATCH

TESORO Enjoy the beautiful sounds of this week’s Music Spotlight performance at The Inn At Middleton Place. WATCH

DJ EDWARDS DJ Edwards has been performing in Charleston since 2012 and has recently put together a band where he writes and performs all of their material. WATCH

CHRIS ROBERTS Chris Roberts of Sill Crow came by the studio to talk to us about what he has been up to lately and why he has “the blues”. WATCH

KATIE ROSE This on-the-rise artist “hopes to continue connecting with people through her relatable songs and quirky banter”. WATCH

ZACH QUILLEN Zach Quillen of the band Sufferin’ Moses performs the title track to his forthcoming album King of All the Sad Things. WATCH

SMOKEY’S PLACE BLUES JAM This week we take you out of the studio and onto the stage. The Blues takes over Smokey’s Place every Sunday and has been a mainstay for eight years. No two jam sessions are alike. WATCH

JOE GALLAGHER and ATLAS STAR On this week’s Spotlight Music Series, Joe Gallagher Jr. chats a potential Grammy nomination and performs with Christian Carroll, a member of Gallagher’s new band, Atlas Star. WATCH

FLEMING MOORE Fleming Moore, a native of the Lowcountry of South Carolina, sings songs seeded in a heart of hope, despair and perseverance. WATCH