Certified Public Account and Chairman of Debt.com Howard Dvorkinm has four ways to avoid credit repair scams. [learn more]


INVESTING STIMULUS CHECKS Certified Financial Planner offers potential opportunities to turn your stimulus checks into something more. WATCHIMPROVING CREDIT SCORE Learn how to improve your credit score with the help of a financial expert. WATCHCONSERVING FINANCES Chairman of Debt.com Howard S. Dvorkin shares how 2020 has taught us to be more financially conservative. WATCHONLINE SHOPPING CYBERSECURITY Staying safe while online shopping. WATCHUNDERSTANDING PROBATE LAWKeeping current with wills and estate planning to prevent unwanted probate issues. WATCHAVOIDING HOLIDAY DEBTLearn how to conserve your money during the holiday season.WATCHAMERICAN HOMEBREWERS ASSOCIATION Accountant and Chairman of Debt.com Howard Dvorkin offers suggestions on budgeting our finances during a time of uncertainty.WATCHBUDGETING FINANCES Accountant and Chairman of Debt.com Howard Dvorkin offers suggestions on budgeting our finances during a time of uncertainty.WATCHPHANTOM DEBT COLLECTORS Leslie H. Tayne of the Tayne Law Group explains how you can protect yourself against phantom debt collectors.WATCHSMALL BUSINESS TAXES Morris Ellison of Womble Bond Dickinson returned for this week’s Money Monday to discuss small business taxes during the coronavirus.WATCHPROPERTY TAX APPEALS The County Assessor’s Office is recalculating houses in Charleston and Georgetown counties.WATCHINVESTMENTS For this week’s Money Monday Certified Financial Planner, Patrick Traverse, provides insight whether to invest now or to hold off. WATCHPRIORITIZING DEBT There is more talk about how to prioritize and resolve your debt on this Money Monday!WATCHGOOD ENTERPRISE INITIATIVE Learn what it takes to start your own business with Lowcountry Local First’s Good Enterprise initiative. WATCHDEBT.COM Manage debt through Debt.com WATCHDEBT RESOLUTION Learn how to resolve your debt during this week’s Money Monday.WATCHMINO CHARLESTON Taking mask wearing to the next level with MINO Charleston.WATCHJRS CODING SCHOOL Charleston JRS Code School is helping individuals advance their careers within the tech industry.WATCHECONOMIC RECESSION College of Charleston Professor provides an understanding of the current economic recession.WATCHLIBBY HOLLOWAY APPRAISALS The owner of Libby Holloway Appraisals provides insight into the importance of appraisals.WATCHMORTGAGE FORBEARANCE Senior Communications Advisor for the Federal Housing Finance Agency Raffi Williams provides possible payment options for your mortgage forbearance.WATCHCURT MERCADANTE Author, podcaster, and freedom and fulfillment coach Curt Mercadante provides information on how to adjust your brand to fit the new normal and how to communicate it to the world.WATCHYWCA The YWCA helps women optimize their business plans.WATCHLOWCOUNTRY LOCAL FIRST Lowcountry Local first offers clarity in regards to small businesses reopening.WATCHSMALL BUSINESS LOANS Congress has passed the first round of relief loans designated to help small businesses recover. What happens when those funds run out?WATCHMORTGAGE FORBEARANCE FOX 24 News Now continues our discussion of mortgage forbearance during the COVID-19 pandemic.WATCHMORTGAGE FORBEARANCE What you need to know about mortgage forbearance amid the COVID-19 pandemic.WATCHLOWCOUNTRY LOCAL FIRST Lowcountry Local First is helping local businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.WATCHMOBYLE We welcome back Mobyle to the studio for this week’s Money Monday.WATCHANDERSON BROTHERS BANK We sit down with Anderson Brothers Bank to discuss credit score and loan opportunities.WATCHLOWCOUNTRY HOSPITALITY ASSOCIATION JOB FAIR News Now discusses the hospitality industry and it’s economic impact on the Lowcountry. WATCH

RECESSION FEARS Director of Economic Analysis from the College of Charleston Frank Hefner joins News Now for this week’s Money Monday. WATCH

THE 2020 CENSUS Media Specialist, Lindy Studds, provides information on the 2020 Census. WATCH

FINANCIAL RESOURCES SEMINAR The Financial Resource Seminar is being held this weekend for residences of the Lowcountry. WATCH

MOBYLE Founder/CEO Michael Huh and Vice President of Marketing Noemi Wilson Debriano of Mobyle joined us for this week’s Money Monday with tips on how to improve your business’ online platform and presence. WATCH