Inside the Autism News Network

We follow up on the Autism News Network at the kids’ studio.

Jax Bari and Family Spread the Word on Celiac Disease and Food Labeling

We're learning how one family is working with South Carolina lawmakers to name gluten as the 10th major food allergen.

The Charleston Gaillard Center’s Summer Camp Selection

We're joined by Sterling DeVries, Director of Education, Charleston Gaillard Center, to learn more.

Autism Awareness Month – Stimming

April is National Autism Awareness Month; we discuss stimming and how to respond.

A Transplant Specialist – Also a Transplant Recipient – Shares His Story

During April’s Donate Life Month, we welcome an MUSC transplant specialist and donor-recipient to talk about his experience.

MOM RAGE!!! Learn to Relieve The Pressure Through Mindfulness

We learn about tips for moms to reduce their rage using Dr. Hammer’s mindfulness technique.

Local Voices
New Fertility Tech Merges Ultrasound & Artificial Intelligence – with Dr. John Schnorr

We're joined by Dr. John Schnorr, Fertility Expert & Co-Founder of Coastal Fertility Specialists and Founder of Cycle Clarity, a new AI software designed to measure a woman’s follicles in a matter of seconds.

Mental Health and The Workplace

Roxanne Marion is "The Mental Health Strategist" and founder of On My Own Terms, LLC who is back in our studio to talk about how employers can keep the conversation about mental health open with their staff during troubling times.

Disability Inclusion in the Lowcountry Workforce

We learn about an upcoming event that educates local business owners about the benefits of ensuring disability inclusion is part of our community's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) conversation.

CPA Thomas Spade and Pro Dancer Dabria Aguilar Cut the Rug for a Cause

Our favorite tax expert, Thomas Spade, is putting on his dancing shoes with the reigning Miss South Carolina Teen, Dabria Aguilar, for the inaugural Dancing with the Palmetto State Stars fundraiser.

Take the Sting out of Summer with Bug Bite Thing

From Shark Tank to more than 30,000 retailers...we chat with Kelley Higney, Founder & CEO, of Bug Bite Thing, a suction tool that instantly alleviates the stinging, itching and swelling caused by insect bites and stings.

Parks and Recreation For All!

We sit down with Matthew Moldenhauer, Sr. Planner for Charleston Co. Park & Recreation Commission to discuss the process of shaping the future of the park system and the need viewers’ input!