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Flu Epidemic Running Rampant Through South Carolina

The 2017-2018 flu season has proven deadly across SC. We talk numbers, vaccinations, and prevention.

FOX 24 News Now’s Hot Topic Rundown

Our favorite morning drive-time team is here to talk this week's trending topics!

New Year, New Tax Reform: How You Should Plan for the Year Ahead

We're taking a look at how you should be planning to maximize benefits under the new tax plan.

FOX 24 News Now’s Hot Topic Rundown

Potter from 98 Rock and Jessie B. from 105.5 The Bridge team up this week to bring you the latest hot topics.

Reflecting on the Biggest Stories of 2017 and What Is Ahead in 2018

What better way to close out the year than our weekly dose of Box from 105.5 The Bridge.

Trending Topics With Box and Jessie B.

Our favorite drive-time team from 105.5 The Bridge is here to talk all things trending from Apple's latest confession to 2017's most annoying words.

WATCH: Citadel Cadets Embark on a Trip of a Lifetime

We caught up with a group of Citadel cadets just before they embarked on a trip of a lifetime aboard the Spirit of South Carolina.

Do You Want the Perfect Wedding? Start With Charleston Wedding Week!

If you are looking to create the perfect wedding, Charleston Wedding Week is the place to be!

How Do You Know if Local Farmers Market Produce is Actually Local?

Johns Island Farmers Market talks about a new initiative to promote honesty, truth and transparency.

Local Experts Weigh-in on Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

From screening to vaccination, we look at the ways you can keep yourself informed and healthy.

How You Should Be Financially Planning for the Future

Whether you're 25 or 65, you should be financial planning for the future.

How You Can Experience Charleston’s Greatest Cuisine

Charleston Restaurant Week is in full swing! Find out where you can go to experience some of the Holy City's greatest cuisine.

Local Voices
FOX 24 Music Spotlight: Shane Clark

Shane Clark is a musical powerhouse and brings his warm, unique sound to the FOX 24 stage.

Celebrate Our Rich Jazz Heritage at the Charleston Jazz Festival

The Demetrius Doctor Trio joins with a special performance in celebration of the event.

Clemson Student Spreads Awareness on Cancer Screenings After Losing Mother

A Clemson junior is keeping the memory of his mother alive by spreading awareness of a silent killer.

South Carolina Historical Society Receives Major Accolade

The South Carolina Historical Society has been honored with a top mention in one of the nation's largest publications.

FOX 24 Music Spotlight: Becca Smith

Singer/Songwriter Becca Smith brings her lovely melodies to the FOX 24 stage.

SPECIAL: Cracking Down on Human Trafficking in South Carolina

We hear from a survivor of human trafficking, an agency working to end the epidemic, and a local organization that provides a safe place to live for survivors of sex trafficking.