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Charleston Red Dress Sundays: How You Can Get Involved

A month-long celebration brings awareness to local women and heart disease – why you're seeing red in churches Sundays in February.

Experience the Vietnam War through New, Visually-Stunning Exhibit at Patriots Point

Immerse yourself in the world our servicemen and women experienced during one of history's bloodiest conflicts.

Annual Summit Seeks to Increase Awareness of Needs in German-American Industry

The College of Charleston presents the 3rd Annual German-American Business Summit - why the event is important and how you can get involved.

In The Huddle- The Final Edition of 2018/2019 Season

In the Huddle host, Carolyn Williams, chats with media personality Matthew Potter and former NFL pro Jim Stuckey about the AFC and NFC conference championships, as well as their picks for the big game.

‘In the Huddle’: Who Will Take the AFC and NFC Titles?

We're running right up to the wire – Jim Stuckey and Matthew Potter talk the AFC & NFC conference championships and who has the best chance at heading to the big game in Atlanta.

Tri-County Human Trafficking Task Brings Awareness of the Severity of Human Trafficking in South Carolina

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is today. We sat down with an advocate working to develop legislation to end child sex trafficking and increase penalties for criminals.

TED X Charleston To Hold Event That Brings Together Innovative Minds Helping To Shape a Better World

A convergence of conversation and creativity. TED x Charleston brings together some of the most innovative minds helping to shape a better world.

Summerville Family Turned Upside Down in the Blink of An Eye

A family shaken to the core when they say their daughter was falsely accused of killing her step-child. How their faith pulled them through and kept them together.

Single Tax Filers: What You Need to Know for Your 2018 Return

Last week we dove into the tax abyss for those of you who are coupled, this week our tax expert has some advice for all the single filers.

Attention Parents! The Lowcountry’s Newest Children’s Consignment Sale Hosts Spring/Summer Event

Moms and dads, got that tax refund burning a hole in your pocket? Head over to one of South Carolina's largest children consignment sales.

Learn How You Can Help Give The Ultimate Gift of Life

We sit down with a young women whose beloved sister's loss meant giving life to others. More on becoming an organ donor, plus a special upcoming event.

MUSC Cardiologist Talks How To Keep Your Ticker Healthy

Keeping your heart healthy for years to come. A cardiologist tells us how to get our tickers in shape , plus find out which countries have the lowest rates of heart disease.

Local Voices
New Children’s Publishing Co. Inspires Love for Books with Beautiful Collection

Fostering the imagination and the spirit of humanity all starts at a tender age. We're joined by the co-founder of a children's book line made to last for generations.

How You Can Get Involved With a New Haven For Local African American Authors

Giving African American authors and their readers an opportunity to come together, more on a new Lowcountry book club.

Transplant Patient’s Family Talks Importance of Its Role on National Caregivers Day

It is National Caregivers Day and we’re honoring another huge component of the donation process, the caretakers.

Music Spotlight: Thomas Champagne

On this week’s Spotlight Music Series, we’re joined by singer songwriter, Thomas Champagne, and Whitney Hanna, an acclaimed vocalist in her own right.

Dynamic Sister Duo Bring The Golden Years Back to Life

Two sisters keeping the classics alive. We sit down with performing duo, Gracie and Lacy, plus a special performance that'll make you fall in love.

Music Spotlight: Sufferin’ Moses

Zach Quillen of Sufferin' Moses joins us with a special treat on this edition of our Music Spotlight Series.