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South Carolina’s Growing Opioid Crisis Reaches A Breaking Point

Experts weigh-in with disturbing facts and what still needs to be done.

Two Organizations Join Forces to Fight Against Opioid Abuse

The Salvation Army is joining forces with a leading chiropractic provide to combat opioid abuse around the nation.

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Meet Dori and Coral! Two Little Buddies Looking for a Forever Home

These lovable rodents had a tough start, but are ready to find a loving family.

Leaders Achieve Major Victory in Fight to Strengthen Domestic Violence Laws

Real Men Against Domestic Violence endeavors to protect domestic violence victims in the Palmetto State.

Explore Charleston’s Dark Past, Brimming With Pirates, Dungeons and Executions

We uncover the gruesome past behind some of Charleston's seafaring spirits.

Servicing Your Car for the Fall Season

Families around the nation are loading their cars and taking off to experience the magic of fall.

Underwater Pumpkin Carving in the Great Ocean Tank

As if carving a pumpkin isn't hard enough on dry land, try doing it under water!

Breaking the Veil Between the Living and Spirit World

Don't miss a chance to share moments of healing with a prominent spiritual medium.

Charleston’s Antebellum Past Echos Through the Halls of it’s Oldest Homes

Don't miss a chance to dive into history during this year's fall home tours.

Local Voices
The Road to Recovery: Breaking the Opioid Addiction

Two recovering addicts share their road to recovery and how they are helping others.

Mother’s Heartbreak Spurs Mission to Strengthen Domestic Violence Laws

A South Carolina mother is using her pain to help others.

One-woman-band Chaquis Maliq Graces the FOX 24 Stage

Soulful melodies and a beautiful vibe, Chaquis Maliq graces our spotlight music series with 'Another Chance'.

How to Maintain Normalcy and Health as a Caretaker

Being a caretaker is selfless work and, you never know when that call will need to be answered.

The Cocktail Bandits Mission to Break into the Bartending Industry

We sit down with Charleston's very own curly-haired cocktail bandits and talk cocktails and the road to becoming a Holy City icon.

Compost Rangers Are Working Towards Creating a Healthier Lowcountry

We've got the dirt on a new grassroots initiative to help protect the environment - meet Charleston's Compost Rangers.